Contract Manufacturing to Bring Your Devices to Life – specialising in Medical, IVD, and demanding electromechanics.

Flexible contract manufacturing services adjusting to your market and product needs.

Since 1994 Innokas Medical has specialised in contract manufacturing services and served both Nordic and global MedTech players to bring their high-quality medical and IVD devices to international markets. Whilst MedTech may run in our blood, all demanding electromechanical devices are at the core of our expertise. If you need to turn a challenging technology project into real devices on the market, we’re here for you!

Our full-scale service approach offers flexible contract manufacturing for our customers throughout the product’s life cycle: from reliable design transfer and production process validation to electronics manufacturing & final assembly – carried out according to ISO 13485, CE, MDSAP and FDA GMP requirements – and finally to the product life cycle management activities that regulations require.

We tailor our contract manufacturing services to meet our customers’ specific needs – which can be anything from full-scale manufacturing, where the product meet the development, manufacturing and delivery, to some selected parts in between. When concentrating on your own core business and outsourcing the rest, it will have a significant impact on the time-to-market of your products and the total cost optimization of your business.


Our full-scale manufacturing services consist of:


We offer reliable design and product transfer to manufacturing with our in-house engineering, sourcing and manufacturing experts. Our professional NPI and prototyping processes are ISO 13485 and FDA compliant, including feedback on both product design and manufacturability.


Manufacturing volumes according to your demand, and guaranteed quality of PCBA’s including reliable testing. Our Electronics Manufacturing Services in ESD controlled environment consist of materials handling, PCBA assembly, product specific testing and quality control in place.


Our ISO 13485 and FDA compliant final assembly offers on-time delivery of high-quality final products, flexibly according to your demand and with proven traceability. We use Lean principles and modern tools to ensure continuous improvements. Product specific final- and electrical safety testing are included as well.


We handle the warehousing of your finished products, and shipping to the specified destinations by using cost-efficient turn-key logistic solutions.


A unique service by managing product’s entire life cycle, tailored specifically for medical and IVD devices. The product is continuously kept up-to-date regardless of a long life cycle. We also help you with your re-design needs where we specify how to improve the existing design to meet the new needs for improved business performance and guaranteed compliance.


Our Supply Chain Management Services enable us to deliver the products to our customers with competitive material costs and flexible schedule. Suppliers are selected from our qualified supply chain.


We create the recipe for your high-quality and economically successful product while optimizing its life-cycle costs. Encompasses Design for Manufacturing or Manufacturability (DfM), Design for Cost (DfC), Design for Assembly (DfA) and Design for Testability (DfT) studies.

Our highly skilled Manufacturing Operations team of +120 professionals is ready to bring your devices to life!

Kempele Site

  • Floor area 3000m2
  • ISO 13485 certified & FDA registered
  • Prototyping & ramp-up production
  • Electronics manufacturing & assembly
  • Final assembly & testing
  • Decontamination room
  • Environmentally controlled production
  • Maintenance

Helsinki Site

  • Floor area 1200m2
  • ISO 13485 certified & FDA registered
  • Challenging manual assembly of electronical & mechanical components (e.g. bonding, micro mechanics, cryo/vacume technology, gases, liquids, magnetism)
  • Environmentally controlled room
  • Final assembly & testing
  • Maintenance

Tallinn Site

  • Floor area 1500m2
  • ISO 13485 certified & FDA registered
  • Low cost option for high- & medium volumes
  • Environmentally controlled room
  • Final assembly & testing
  • Maintenance

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