Otometri’s CEO Manne Hannula: ”When working with Innokas specialists, you can truely feel that you are working in a cooperation with an experienced team.”

Otometri Oy is a Finnish healthcare technology company founded in 2010. In cooperation with the Medical Engineering R&D Center of Oulu University of Applied Sciences, the company has developed ear infection evaluation device, Otometri, for home use. The measurement principle of the device is based on an acoustic reflectometry combined with artificial neural networks technology. The measurement evaluates properties of the tympanic membrane with help of a small sound stimulus. If the functioning of the tympanic membrane is decreased due to inflammation fluid in the middle ear, it alters correspondingly the sound stimulus, which is analyzed with the help of artificial intelligence system of Otometri. The device provides information about ear’s status for parents during children’s flu. Also, the measurement history helps physicians in decision making during doctor visits. It is also beneficial to follow up healing of ears after ear infection. The result is less unnecessary usage of antibiotics and less unnecessary doctor visits.

Innokas Medical has co-operated with Otometri by offering consulting services for implementing company’s ISO 13485 quality system for design and manufacturing the Otometri device. Otometri’s CEO Manne Hannula says that Innokas was chosen as a QA/RA consulting partner especially because of its very strong experience in the field.

“We have been very satisfied with the cooperation with Innokas’ experienced QA/RA team.”

Manne Hannula
CEO, Otometri

“Innokas Medical has a good reputation in the healthcare technology sector and they have the strong experience in the field, so we evaluated Innokas to be the best alternative to cooperate with us. When working with Innokas specialists, you can truly feel that you are working together with a good and experienced team”, Hannula tells.

Hannula feels that the co-operation with Innokas has worked well. In particular, he wants to emphasize Innokas professional QA/RA experience and related consulting services that is tailored to meet customer’s operations in a very practical level, as well as company’s comprehensive experience in the field.

“We have been very satisfied with the cooperation with Innokas’ experienced QA/RA team. The QA/RA consulting Innokas team offered us were based on our own operation at the very practical level, which we found very valuable. The team was able to finish the project in a record time, and the communication between us has also been smooth and straightforward. Innokas Medical’s strong experience and position as a pioneer in healthcare technology sector in Finland can be seen especially through the company’s willingness to develop and improve the whole healthcare technology sector and industry through its comprehensive experience and service offering”, Hannula concludes.