Modz says Innokas Medical lives up to its values

Modz Oy is a Finnish company operating in the healthcare technology sector. Modz has developed a novel blood sugar meter for self-treatment of diabetes. The product best serves children and youths, but it is also suitable for adults with type 1 diabetes. It is actually a service entity that includes—in addition to the device itself—a text message service, a mobile application, and an easy-to-use network service for assessment and improvement of results. The product was developed in close cooperation with users and specialists, and it has a CE label. Operating methods that comply with ISO 13485 and 14791 quality systems ensure the product’s quality and reliability.

“Innokas Medical has a very good reputation in the healthcare technology sector.”

Salla Koski
Founder, Modz

Innokas Medical has been a decisively important partner for Modz. Modz has developed the software needed in the meter and has been in charge of purchasing the main components, and Innokas Medical has functioned as Modz’s external R&D department. However, after the product is launched Innokas Medical will also be responsible for manufacturing, further development, and component purchases with the exception of the main component. According to Modz’s Founder Salla Koski, the company looked for a partner through a bidding process. Innokas Medical was chosen particularly because of its references and values.

“Innokas Medical was not the least expensive, but we chose it because of quality factors. References and the implementation team were the main factors behind the decision. Innokas Medical also has a very good reputation in the healthcare technology sector. Innokas Medical’s values also largely coincided with ours”, Koski explains.

Koski says collaboration with Innokas Medical has gone smoothly, and Innokas Medical has proved to be an important partner in the development of the blood sugar meter.

“We sat around the table for two weeks in the beginning. That’s where this functional collaboration process began. Now that we have worked together, I can say that Innokas Medical lives up to its values”, Koski concludes.