Icare Finland

We value especially Innokas’ strong industrial and quality know-how.

Orion Diagnostica

We value Innokas Medical’s wide-ranging expertise and customer-oriented operation.


Reflecting on the supplier evaluation performed by us, Innokas was selected as the best alternative to manufacture our products.


The cooperation with Innokas brings us new knowhow that we might not have in-house, and the designers have been very professional.

Bonvisi AB

We have been satisfied with Innokas familiarity with the field and very strong experience in QA/RA requirements.

Otivio AS

We see that with the selected partners, the development of our new product will benefit from a very strong base of clinical and technical expertise.


We chose Innokas to be our partner particularly because of its references and values.


Innokas has the industrial know-how and experience in manufacturing health technology that we need.


The cooperation with Innokas QA/RA team helps us to ensure that all the quality and regulatory requirements are taken into account in our internal processes.

GE Healthcare

During this project we’ve been able to manage large and complex problems and I see that Innokas’ capabilities as well as knowledge has grown even further during the project.


We value Innokas’ certified quality system and wide-ranging manufacturing capacity.

CareFusion Finland

We at CareFusion really trust on Innokas’ knowhow and we can count on that their engineering professionals can cope with all QA/RA requirements well.


We endorse Innokas as a reliable and skilled business partner.


We have been satisfied with Innokas’ customer oriented operation and familiarity with the medical sector.


Especially valuable characteristics that come to mind are Innokas’ flexibility, versatility, reliability and high quality.


We see that Innokas Medical is an excellent partner for a health tech start-up company.


We think that Innokas’ familiarity with the MedTech sector and flexible operation gives Innokas Medical a competitive edge.


When working with Innokas specialists, you can truely feel that you are working in a cooperation with an experienced team.


The cooperation between Innokas and GrainSense has gone smoothly, and we especially want to emphasize the high-quality customer experience Innokas has offered to us.


We selected Innokas Medical as a manufacturing partner especially because of the company’s strong knowhow, as well as flexible operation.


After going through the pricing, delivery capacity, quality systems and references, Innokas ended up being the most competitive supplier.

GE Healthcare

We’ve required high-quality and uniform products from Innokas, flexibility to meet the volume change requests and the ability to improve the production efficiency.


We see that Innokas has a significant role in Lojer’s operation as the co-operation with Innokas brings us new product development knowhow that we might not have in-house. This is the co-creation and cooperation as its best.

RSP Systems

We chose Innokas Medical because of its long-term experience with the design and manufacturing of medical devices. We have found that there is a good understanding of RSP’s needs and a willingness to be flexible when needed.

Luzmon Medical

Innokas was chosen through a careful selection process. After the evaluation made by Luzmon, Innokas turned out to be the best choice for us.

Alcosystems AB

We value Innokas’ long-term know-how in medical device design and manufacturing, as well as company’s very strong experience in quality and regulatory requirements.

UKK Terveyspalvelut

Innokas has offered us very customer-oriented service experience, and our cooperation will continue also in the future.

Coala Life

Bringing advanced medical devices to market is a complex process, and Coala Life chose to partner with Innokas as they have the long-term experience, the required ISO certifications and FDA registrations, as well as the capacity to scale-up.


We value Innokas Medical’s solid internal development capabilities as well as FDA approved production facilities capable of high-volume manufacturing at a competitive cost.


We value Innokas Medical’s agile design and development process, wide competence pool and the references to produce medical devices to the global markets.


Innokas’ long-term experience and the company’s track record of doing similar projects in the past were the main characteristics affecting the choice to select Innokas Medical to Glucoset’s partner.


Innokas’ full service offering for medical devices has added value for the Serres team.