Our History

Our Story of Growth

Innokas Medical has been part of healthtech business for over 25 years. Since 1994 we have improved the quality of peoples’ lives by crafting healthtech ideas to reality. Already when established, Innokas decided to have its strength in contract-based functions, meaning the company brings the products it designs and manufactures to the market under the brand names of well-known global and local companies.

Innokas has experienced significant growth in recent years. Today over 100 people work in various production positions, and the engineering unit, which has lately grown robustly, has expanded to include about 60 people. The main reason for the continuous growth is that, thanks to its long-term, customer-oriented operation, Innokas has gained the whole-hearted approval of healthcare technology community.

Follow our timeline to find out more about our history that now crosses over two decades:


• Innokas QMS has been audited according to Medical Device Single Audit Program (MDSAP)

• Turnover reached an all-time high of 33M€ in 2020


• 25th anniversary

• Turnover reached an all-time high of 30M€ in 2019


• Paree Group as new main owner for Innokas Medical

• Innokas has entered into agreements with several new Scandinavian customers


• Innokas upgraded QMS and achieved certificates for the latest versions of the ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and Canada ISO 13485 standards

• Innokas has entered into agreements with several new international customers

• Carescape VC150 vital signs patient monitor sales has started


• Innokas integrated Canada MDR requirements to QMS and achieved ISO 13485 CMDCAS certificate


• 20th anniversary

• Innokas’ Headquarters were relocated to new premises


• Innokas’ Tallinn plant in Estonia was opened

• Innokas turnover reached an all-time high of 22,8M€


• The FDA conducted its first inspection at Innokas Medical

• Over 200 professionals has joined Innokas team


• Significant investments at the Kempele plant was made to raise the production capacity


• Comparing to key figures in 2006, this year Innokas doubles the amount of personnel and more than triples its turnover


• Innokas implemented US FDA Quality System Regulation into Innokas QMS and registered facilities


• Elekta Neuromag Oy outsources its manufacturing in Finland to Innokas Medical

• Over 100 professionals has joined Innokas team


• Innokas’ Helsinki and Estonia operations started


• 10th anniversary

• Innokas Medical received the ISO9001:2000 / ISO13485:2003 quality certification


• Innokas Medical received the ISO 9001/EN 46001 quality certificate


• Co-operation with Instrumentarium Oyj Datex Ohmeda began

• Scala ERP system implemented to manage Innokas’ operation


• Instrumentarium (now GE Healthcare) customer relationship started

• Itkacut 350 MB electrosurgery device launched on the markets


• Innokas Medical Oy received the ISO 9002/EN46001 quality certificate


• Innokas Medical received the ISO 9003/EN 46001 quality certificate

• GSD basic electrosurgery device launched on the markets


• Innokas Medical was established by Mr. Jouni Ihme in the facilities of an old leather factory in Oulu