Healthtech Excellence since 1994

Expert services for demanding electro-mechanical and medical devices, regulated software and healthcare digitalization.

Innokas Medical is one of the industry leaders in the Nordics, specializing in medical technology and healthcare digitalization. We’ve been offering professional technology services since 1994.

PURPOSE FOR EXISTING. The healthcare technology sector is growing steadily, and it has a deeper purpose and effect on all mankind. We produce technology services with a common mission to improve people´s lives by crafting healthtech and tech ideas into reality.

TARGET-DRIVEN WITH CLEAR VISION. Driving towards our vision is something we’ve commonly committed to here at Innokas Medical; to be the preferred co-creation service partner in medical technology in the Nordics. We believe in that this can be achieved when working in close cooperation with our customers when bringing their ideas to life.

COMMON VALUES TO GUIDE US. Our values – Quality, Expertise, Responsibility and Meaningfulness – create a sense of shared identity within our organization. They influence the way we work with each other – and the way we serve our clients and engage with our stakeholders.

OUR UNIQUENESS. Our long-term and purposeful operation dedicated to medical technology is something our competitors don’t have. Already +25 years we’ve been focusing on design & development, contract manufacturing and quality & regulatory services for medical devices, regulated software and digitalization. Our long experience of challenging Medtech projects requiring versatile expertise in a wide array of technologies enables us to help our customers also in other fields of industry to realize their demanding electromechanical devices in the markets. 


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Learn about our history

We have been part of medical technology business for over 25 years already. Since 1994 we have improved the quality of peoples’ lives by crafting healthtech ideas to reality.

Over the years, we have steadily increased our customer base as well as experienced significant growth. Today over 120 people work in various production positions, and our Design Studio unit has expanded to include about 50 people. The main reason for the continuous growth is that, thanks to our long-term, customer-oriented operation, we have gained the whole-hearted approval of healthcare technology community.

Follow the link to find out more about our history that now crosses over two decades:

Our values


High quality comes from working together and from all our actions

Quality affects everything we do: our everyday tasks, the ways we lead and interact, and as a result, the services and products we provide to our customers. As we ensure high quality, we gain the reputation of a reliable partner and employer and operate more profitably.

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By taking responsibility for our own actions, we can actively improve and grow to be better

We’re recognized as a reliable and responsible partner. We know the requirements, laws and regulations that guide our operations and comply with them. We are accountable for developing our operations sustainably from environmental, social and economic points of view.


We do meaningful things!

Meaningfulness guides our operations from the role of a single employee all the way to the mission of the company: we want to improve the quality of peoples’ lives. Our customers and partners, our entire working community, all its members and each task are meaningful to us.

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We develop our expertise continuously, experiment and share ideas

Our goal is to have the expertise and skills that are always a step ahead of our competitors, resonate with our customers’ needs and bring value to them. We work to develop that expertise further, and to share our information and know-how among our work community.