Sourcing Manager Satu Heiskari

Satu Heiskari, Sourcing Manager

To create successful business, it is very essential to plan carefully where, how, what and from whom the company is purchasing. The successful purchasing process and the supplier relationship management are one of the most important competitive factors of the company. Especially when the company is internationalizing, the business environment is even more competitive, and then those factors are even more significant to company’s profitable success. At Innokas Medical, these things are taken care of by Innokas Medical’s Sourcing Department, where Satu Heiskari, Innokas’ Sourcing Manager, works.

Although I’ve been working at Innokas for a long time, my enthusiasm for work has not faded. The main reason for this is the possibility to continuously develop myself at work and the opportunity to have a diversified job.

I have first graduated with a Marketing Commercial Institute graduation from Oulu Commercial School, and today I’ve continued my studies with Bachelor’s Degree in Financial Management in Oulu University of Applied Sciences. During my earlier studies I was able to familiarize myself with the international business environment since I was working as an au pair in Italy.

I’ve started my working career at Innokas already in 1997. When I came to work at Innokas, first I was working as a Production Employee in PCB manufacturing, and little bit later I worked as a supervisor in one of our PCB component placement lines. In the beginning of 2000 I graduated from Oulu Commercial School with my Marketing Degree, and then I started to work as a Purchaser at Innokas purchasing department. After few years I was promoted as a Purchasing Manager, and today my role is Sourcing Manager. As a Sourcing Manager I have overall responsibility of inviting tenders, negotiating the contracts with our suppliers, strategic sourcing work and the daily cooperation with our suppliers.

The most challenging thing I have in my current role is continuous changes in global markets, which affect straightly to my daily work – but on the other hand, I feel that different kind of challenges are also very motivating and intriguing my work. It’s also very inspiring that in recent years I’ve been able to participate in developing a new operating model and routines of cooperation between the purchasing department and designers in Innokas. The goal of this was to optimize our purchases, and provide us a competitive edge. So today I’m cooperating even more closely with Innokas design team than before. Because I’m cooperating with product’s design already during the initial phase of the design, I’m able to influence different choices concerning the product, so the choices made during the design phase are even more optimal from the standpoint of purchasing, also. The close cooperation between purchasing department and design team again benefits our customer, as it affects straightly to the price and quality of our customer’s product. Therefore I see the close cooperation with our design team is important, and I feel it’s very inspiring to work with them.

I’ve liked working at Innokas very much. Especially the comfortable working environment and the good working atmosphere have contributed my enjoyment. When I started working at Innokas, I surely didn’t think I’d spend my entire career in the same place. But my work has been diversified, and Innokas has offered an opportunity to self-development and different kind of challenges. Actually, sometimes I’ve even felt that I’ve been able as if to start a whole new job even though the employer has been the same all the time. When I started at Innokas in 1997, there were only 15 people working at Innokas – since then we’ve evolved to the excellent team with over 200 employees we’re today, and that feels very amazing!

My Financial Management studies keep me busy in my leisure time at the moment. In addition to my studies, I spend my leisure time to do different kinds of sports, like jogging, biking and going to the gym. But I have to say my dearest hobby is horses – and today I’m able to share my dearest hobby with my 5-year-old daughter.