Innokas rebrands
"While Healthtech remains our core competence, this rebranding communicates our readiness to take on projects other than Healthtech."

Janne Kostamo
CEO, Innokas Medical

Innokas  – Your companion, specialising in demanding technologies, medical technology and healthcare digitalization!

We are one of the industry leaders in the Nordics, specializing in medical technology and healthcare digitalization. Since 1994 we’ve improved the quality of people’s lives by crafting demanding technology, especially healthtech ideas into reality.

Together with our customers, we transform their ideas into high-quality end-products. We offer reliable concept elaboration, agile design & development, cost-efficient contract manufacturing and professional quality & regulatory services to meet our customers’ outsourcing needs. We’re also able to strengthen our customers’ in-house projects with competent experts from Innokas to help them to reach the next critical milestone in their device roadmap. We tailor our service solutions according to customer-specific needs.

Are you looking for a partner to create, build and bring demanding technology,  Medical Device, Regulated SW or digital solutions to the market? We’re here for you!

Innokas Co-creation


The healthcare technology sector is growing steadily, and it has a deeper purpose and effect on all mankind. We produce technology and medical technology services with a common mission to improve people´s lives by crafting tech ideas into reality.


Driving towards our vision is something we’ve commonly committed to here at Innokas Medical; to be the preferred co-creation service partner in medical technology in the Nordics. We believe in that this can be achieved when working in close cooperation with our customers when bringing their ideas to life.


Our long-term and purposeful operation dedicated to medical technology is something our competitors don’t have. Already +25 years, we’ve been focusing on design & development, contract manufacturing and quality & regulatory services for medical devices, regulated software and digitalization. Today, Innokas works with a wide variety of highly demanding customer projects in Healthtech and other fields of industry, where technology can help improve the quality of people’s lives.


Our ISO 13485 & MDSAP Certifications and FDA registrations make us the preferred co-creation partner for medical OEMs all over the world.

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