Cost-efficient Contract Manufacturing of Medical Devices

On-time delivery, highest quality and flexibility to adjust to your market and product needs.

Since 1994 we have specialized in medical technology services. Our manufacturing operations service offering covers all the phases of medical device manufacturing, offered with on-time service and guaranteed high quality of your products.

Our three production plants allow us to provide our customers flexible production capabilities and manufacturing volumes, ranging from few systems per year to thousands of units per month, so we are able to operate perfectly according to our customers’ market demand. Our production lines are always tailored specifically according to our customers’ needs.

Innokas manufacturing process has ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and Canada ISO 13485:2003 certifications and it also complies with FDA regulations. Our manufacturing process has been fine-tuned especially for medical and in vitro diagnostic devices and high level assembly production, comprising devices from hand-held to table-top units and even to complex diagnostic systems.

“Innokas has very talented team, the industrial and quality know-how as well as the experience in manufacturing health technology products that we need." TImo Hilden
TImo HildenCEO, Icare Finland
"We’ve been very satisfied with the co-operation with Innokas from the very beginning. Reflecting on the supplier evaluation performed by us, Innokas was selected as the best alternative to manufacture our products." Tim Thurn
Tim ThurnCEO, C-RAD AB
"Innokas Medical manufactures Relaxbirth’s Birthing Support devices. The collaboration has been excellent between Innokas and Relaxbirth."Jukka-Pekka Luostarinen
Jukka-Pekka LuostarinenCEO, Relaxbirth
"Innokas Medical’s operation has been rapid and of high quality. An especially valuable characteristic that comes to mind is Innokas’ ability to give us feedback about assembly instructions and technical issues, as this will help us in further developing our product."Jani Virtanen
Jani VirtanenCOO, Sooma
"Innokas has been responsible for manufacturing, further development, and component purchases of the blood sugar meter. Innokas was not the least expensive, but we chose it because of quality factors."Salla Koski
Salla KoskiFounder, MODZ
“After the product development and transfer to manufacturing, the order-delivery process has worked efficiently. Innokas Medical is a reliable and professional business partner.”Tapani Taskinen
Tapani TaskinenFounder, HLD Healthy Life Devices
"Manufacturing of the Carescape VC150 Patient Monitor has started in Innokas’ Tallinn low cost factory, and Innokas is also taking care of the maintenance and after sales support of the device, as well as spare part managing and service training."Sami Pakarinen
Sami PakarinenProduct Manager, Innokas Medical Ltd.
“Our mutual journey has been a good one. Innokas Medical has the industrial know-how and experience in manufacturing health technology that we need."Jonas Karlström
Jonas KarlströmSenior VP, Elekta

Manufacturing Operations

Service Offering

Manufacturing Services: Fast Prototyping

Fast Prototyping

Cost-efficient prototyping in real manufacturing environment, including feedback on both product design and manufacturability.

Manufacturing Services: Design Transfer / NPI

Design Transfer / NPI

Reliable design transfer to manufacturing with our in-house engineering, sourcing and manufacturing experts.

Manufacturing Services

Manufacturing Services

Flexible manufacturing volumes according to your market demand, and guaranteed high quality of products.

Transparent and fine-tuned manufacturing processes for PCB manufacturing and testing, mechanical manufacturing as well as final assembly and testing with ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and Canada ISO 13485 certifications as well as FDA registrations.

Tailored production lines (volumes, weights and heights taken into account).

Buffer of finished products.

Manufacturing Services: Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Suppliers are selected from Innokas’ qualified supply chain, and competitive material costs are negotiated.

Spare parts are stored in customer’s own storage place in our factory storage.

Obsolescence components announcements and evaluation given to customer following our obsolescence component process.

Manufacturing Services: Logistics


Secure delivery of finished products from our buffer stocks to you, your customers, and your end-users.

Manufacturing Services: Product Life Cycle Management

Product Life Cycle Management

Maintenance and installation of your products, either at our factory or customer sites.

Innokas Manufacturing Locations and Competencies

All Sites

  • Personnel ~ 110
  • ISO 13485 –certified
  • FDA-registered and Innokas QMS FDA inspected
  • Manufacturing processes follows IPC standards as well as ISO 13485 and FDA GMP requirements
  • work under the same quality management system
  • use our audited and controlled network of suppliers


  • Floor area 3000m2
  • Innokas HQ
  • Prototyping
  • Ramp-up production
  • SMD manufacturing
  • Final assembly and testing
  • Decontamination room
  • Maintenance


  • Floor area 1800m2
  • Challenging manual assembly of electronical and mechanical components, e.g. bonding, micro mechanics, cryo/vacume technology, gases and liquids, magnetism etc.
  • Environmentally controlled room
  • Final assembly and testing
  • Field installation & maintenance


  • Floor area 1500m2
  • Low cost option for high- and medium volumes
  • Environmentally controlled room
  • SMD manufacturing
  • Final assembly and testing
  • Maintenance